Copy paste comes to VSCO Cam

It might sound insignificant but it'll make a world of difference if you're a frequent user

Popular camera and image editing app VSCO Cam has finally added, via its 4.1 update for iOS and 3.2 update for Android, Copy and paste. Not copy pasting photos, mind but copying edits used on one photo and applying them to others

Another reason to VSCO Cam

Why is that a big deal? If you take a lot of photos with VSCO Cam, then having to manually select photos from your camera roll can be tedious and annoying if you’re doing the same edits to each one.

It really is that simple, according to the demo. Copy the edits made on an image and then click the Copy+Paste button. There’s only one little hitch – cropping and straightening effects are not copy and pasteable. 

As more people are now using their smartphone cameras as their main cameras, being able to do quick touchups before sharing photos has become a big deal. Apple now allows a lot more adjustments to its photos besides the requisite HDR mode, while Instagram has had to deal with no longer being the photo filter app of choice.

Either update your VSCO Cam from your phone or you can head over to Google Play or the App Store.

[Source: Engadget]