Cooler Master's sponsoring an all-girl Overwatch team

More diversity in the local eSports scene is always a good thing

Remember that time a Malaysian team won an all-girl Dota 2 championship? Expect to see more high-profile women gamers, thanks to Cooler Master announcing its sponsorship of an all-girl Overwatch team.

Overwatch excitement

Overwatch is now building a presence in eSports and as it is a newer game, with fewer established players compared to Dota 2, there's a a lot of room for growth.

The all-woman team is called MBT.Valkyrie and is sponsored by Cooler Master Malaysia as well as Emarque. There are seven players in total in the team and they are Amanda "Hamlet" Yow, Tan "GrilledKoi" Yen Li, Angeline "iCaramel" Chan, Elaine "Bloodyrukia" Chern, Alice “EvieNya” Chong, Yuukii "Kusochii" Yong with their team captain being Sylvia "Yue" Yap.

MBT.Valkyrie is part of a larger collective, namely the Malaysian Battlefield Team, originally focused on the Battlefield games but has now embraced Overwatch as part of its gaming focus.

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[Source: MBT Facebook]