Cool domain name incoming: .ninja, anyone?

.com is so passe. .ninja just became available this week as has .guru and a host of other URL suffixes
Cool domain name incoming: .ninja, anyone?

In case you haven't heard, you can now buy spiffy domain names that are far more exciting than .com or .net. Think .ninja. These new generic top-level domain (gTLD) names make the Internet a fun place to be, don't you think?

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) decided in 2011 that the 22 available gTLDs could be expanded and people were free to apply for new gTLDs to be added to the list. An interesting allowance was letting non-Latin characters such as Chinese and Arabic be used in gTLDs.

While more gTLDs have been popping up, .ninja only went on sale 28 May and according to Namecheap's schedule, even more names are due to be released.

Embrace your inner .guru

Cool domain name incoming: .ninja, anyone?

With the Internet being as ubitiquous as it is now, having a web presence is a non-brainer for some people. While .com is a steady and solid domain name, having more gTLDs offers not just choice but far less chances of a domain name squatter hoarding your favourite moniker.

Besides .ninja, other cool names available include .red, .guitars, .company, .guru and .luxury while others that will soon arrive include .music, .tech and .web.

For the average individual, it gives you more chances to come up with a cool domain name thanks to the endless possible permutations. For companies, it helps them create URLs with more presence and could be quite useful branding-wise.

With many people sharing the same first name, having a unique gTLD will at least help get your site noticed. So what if is taken? is infinitely cooler!

[Source: Namecheap]

[Image credit: Namecheap Facebook page]