Cooking Mama For Nintendo Switch To Have Vegetarian Mode And Blockchain Technology

Let's see if Mama really knows best...

Who knew that a simple game of Cooking Mama could cook up some pretty bizarre and unexpected news? Yet here we are in 2019, being informed that the reboot of Cooking Mama for the Nintendo Switch (called Cooking Mama: Coming Home) will not only have blockchain imbued, but there will also be a vegetarian mode for those who don't enjoy cooking with meat, even as a game.

Before you cry foul that this is possibly the work of SJWs (social justice warriors), it's important to know that playing the vegetarian mode is completely optional and doesn't rob you of the joys of meat.

“New to Cooking Mama will be a ‘Vegetarian Mode’ where players who do not wish to prepare meals with meat ingredients will be able to cook creative, alternate meatless recipes”, the release says. “Players will be able to cook in both ‘Traditional Mode’ and ‘Vegetarian Mode’ and blend motion gestures from the Nintendo Switch with traditional controls for an immersive meal prep and cooking experience through each minigame played.”

So yup, put down your pitchforks and raise your own forks to whatever it is you feel comfortable with eating. Personally, this may be a cool chance to learn new recipes for Meatless Mondays.

Whereas for the Blockchain technology, Cooking Mama is also said to be the first of three games in publishers Planet Digital's portfolio that is being funded by digital preferred shares. To put it simply, each copy of the game will have “Unique Blockchain Private-Keys”, which the publishers are claiming will allow for stuff like improved DRM, rewards and “Enhanced Multiplayer Experience with Dual Expression”, which would mean “every copy of a game [would be] subtly different and personal to a user”.

Based on their statement: "Gaming is a $135 billion dollar industry with little opportunity to invest outside of the large public game publishers. We are using blockchain to add new innovative gameplay that investors can now have equity in. Putting aspects of Cooking Mama on-chain will take the user experience to a whole new level, reinvigorate a popular game franchise that many grew up with and give investors an opportunity to make handsome returns, through a digital preferred share offering."

We'll find out how well this works as Cooking Mama: Coming Home is slated to be released in Fall this year.