Cookie Monster and his cookie fixation star in latest Apple iPhone 6s ad

Hilarious ad highlights often overlooked Siri feature

We’re no stranger to Apple having big names star in their ads, having seen Jamie Foxx, Bill Hader, and Stevie Wonder. But never someone as iconic as this - the timeless Cookie Monster.

In this ad spot, he is baking up a batch of fresh cookies (as Cookie Monsters are wont to do) and uses his (Rose Gold, no less) iPhone 6s hands-free Siri feature to set the timer.

There’s no need for him to press the Home button to nudge Siri first, which is great because his hands (paws?) are understandably dirty as he's baking. All he does is holler "Hey Siri" to get her attention, assign her the verbal task, then get visibly frustrated at the slow passing of time. 

Press play. 

Watch it all the way to the end to catch the "The number of the day is 6 and the letter is S" Sesame Street reference. 

If you want to make like Cookie Monster and have Siri always listening, make sure to enable the feature. Go to Settings, General, Siri, then Allow “Hey Siri”. Unfortunately, you’ll have to own either an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus to enjoy this privilege.

But it's worth noting that earlier iPhones will let you summon Siri hands-free if you have your iPhone plugged in. Just make sure you're running iOS 8 and up.