Control four phones to make a single video with Fly video editor

Make it a party to remember with four people chronicling it at once with fun new app
Control four phones to make a single video with Fly video editor

The better the iPhone camera gets, the better the apps that appear to take advantage of it. A cool new app on the radar is the Fly Video Editor, which is an interesting take on collaborative video. With the app you can control up to four cameras at once which is nifty however you look at it.

Or instead of controlling four cameras, you can just import four videos into the app's editor and then edit them as you like. Switch between the clips, add voice overs or background music, make live cuts or export your videos.

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Control four phones to make a single video with Fly video editor

What makes this app stand out? Of course the Multi-Cam feature that lets you sync four iPhones is neat but Fly is in that area where it's not quite entry-level but it's not truly advanced either. Sure it is a simple app to figure out, with very simple taps and swipes to make editing a breeze on the iPhone.

Uploading videos to Instagram and Vine is now more commonplace and a decent mobile video editor is a better option for most than having to save the video to a desktop for 'real' editing. Fly helps add a little polish to mobile videos minus the learning curve that comes with more powerful desktop apps, not to mention the price and skill involved.

Take splitscreens for instance. On a desktop app, splitscreen videos are tedious to put together but anyone can figure out a (simple) splitscreen video on Fly. While Instagram and Vine limit you to one clip, Fly lets you cut between multiple clips in a single video.

Pay an additional US$2.99 and you unlock 'gesture editing' which lets you swipe to add a dissolve effect or you can just tap on two clips for instang splitscreen video. The multi-cam mode is also an extra US$9.99 to unlock but might be worth it for the cool factor as the multiple camera sync works with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile data as well.

Mobile video is only going to get bigger as Facebook should know as it has integrated swapping video along with pics in its Slingshot app.

If you fancy a try of Fly, get it on the App Store for free.

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