A constellation's worth of Nintendo stars

Cool find of the day - a gorgeous graphic that showcases the best of Nintendo's NES days in a nebula
Nintendo nebula

Cool infographics are too common on the Internet these days but for a bout of gamer nostalgia, this cool 'NES Nebula' can't be beat.

A spiral of gaming memories

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) heyday during from 1984 to 1993 was a great time to be a gamer. More than 700 games were released for the platform, including such classic titles as Donkey Kong (which arguably started it all), Mario Bros. and Final Fantasy.

In a interesting spiral that is colour-coded and labelled to mark games by era and genre, it pays homage to a universe that probably defined many a gamer's childhood.

Take a few minutes to go into the detail of the infographic and it is pretty much a condensed history lesson of the NES system and a introduction to older games for those who were too young to remember when those games come out.

You can even buy a print of the infographic over at Pop Chart Lab for the not-so-bad price of US$32 (RM101.52).

[Source: PopSci]