Microsoft, Google, Ali Baba Join Together To Ensure Computer User Confidentiality

Seven major tech companies come together as the Confidential Computing Consortium.

Keeping your personal data and digital activities safe is more crucial than ever in this day and age. Security measures like VPNs and anti-malware software can only do so much, and the average user wouldn’t know to take these steps to ensure maximum digital security. As such, seven of the biggest tech companies are now taking big steps to help secure their users data is protected.

The Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) is a collaborative effort by Alibaba Cloud, Arm, Baidu, Google Cloud, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Red Hat, Swisscom and Tencent, in “securing data in use and accelerating the adoption of confidential computing through open collaboration”. With this in place, the companies are hoping to deliver truly private data access to users everywhere through open source project contributions.

Some of these open-source contributions include the Intel Software Guard Extensions Software Development Kit, which is designed to help app developers protect select code and data from disclosure or modification at the hardware layer, as well as Microsoft’s Open Enclave SDK, an open source framework that allows developers to build what is knowns as a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to protect the data within applications that utilise this framework.

It’ll take a while to see the full effect of the Confidential Computing Consortium to end users like us, but it is certainly a step in the right direction moving forward. Check out more of their efforts on the official website.