Concept phone lets you control apps by bending it

Yes, the can it bend jokes may commence

A super bendy phone? Well, not quite. This concept phone’s screen is bendable and it can be used as an input controller, like a stylus or fingers.

The phone is fitted with a 5-inch 1,280 x 720 AMOLED display that is pliable and unbreakable. The phone has six degrees of bending freedom that allows you to bend the phone on every side of the phone to control the app. The company also claims that creating bigger devices with bigger screens than can be bent is not really that hard.

With this screen you can turn pages by bending one side of the phone, zoom by bending the phone outwards and vice versa. This is a nifty feature as long as you keep a firm grip on your phone so that you don't accidentally flick it into someone's face in your enthusiasm.

[source : Engadget]