The compact MSI Vortex G25 impresses with seriously big specs

With so much packed into so little, it’s like the TARDIS of gaming CPUs

Finally, a gaming desktop that’s compact, sleek and doesn't take up half the desk, but its ferocious design sure isn’t understated in any way.

Taiwan’s high-end gaming manufacturer MSI had unveiled the new Vortex G25, which replaces the original Vortex tower that looked like a Mac Pro and Alienware lovechild. The original certainly looked like it meant business, but we’d take the console-esqe design of the new G25 for its compactness which means it can be tucked away at the side and take up less space.

It stands vertically, but you have the option of laying it flat as well. The G25 refers to its 2.5L chassis and 2.5kg weight, which leaves a very little footprint on your gaming setup. But don’t mistake this for less power; wait till you see what’s inside. 

The Vortex G25 is geared up for top-class gaming and VR, packing beefy specs to meet the growing technology. It boasts the seventh-gen core i7 Intel processor, backed up by an Nvidia GTX 1070 with 8GB of DDR5 memory. With VR in mind, it has a USB-C port ready to charge demanding VR devices quickly, as well as Thunderbolt 3.0 connectivity that provides 40Gbps transfer speeds, and not to mention 4K output capability at 60Hz. It would be commendable to find these on a big gaming CPU, let alone something this compact.

Customisation is another key component to its build; a feature that ensures it keeps delivering the goods years into the future.  You get four additional slots for RAM, which can take a total of 64GB of DDR4, and you can add up to two SSD for a boost in storage. These are easily removable from the bottom panel, so they can be readily tweaked to have its specs bumped up.

Might we remind you, it’s a CPU so it can handle your work, video editing and projects just fine too. It’s everything you’d wish your games console could do, besides smooth gaming.

No information yet on local availability nor pricing, but given the original costs nearly RM15000, we can expect the same mind-boggling prices for this mind-boggling piece of tech.