Comics lovers, rejoice! Scribd's now also a ‘Netflix for comics’

By that, we mean it’s got an e-book library that includes comic books

Remember Scribd, the Spotify of e-books that launched its e-book subscription model sometime in 2013? It’s diversified its offerings, which we think is going to excite many of you.

The all-you-can-read digital library that features e-books and audiobooks now has a massive comic library in addition to its other offerings. You’ll find a choice of more than 10,000 comic and graphic novels ranging from Marvel, Archie, and Arcana, through to Space Goat, Valiant, Top Cow, and the list goes on.

It will cost you only US$8.99 (RM32) a month, of which you’ll have unlimited access to all of Scribd’s comic books, graphic novels, premium e-books, and audiobooks. So if you’re a comic fanatic that have been considering the idea of swapping from reading comics physically to getting them digitally, this might sway you over.

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The titles will be made available a mere month after publication; so if you can wait that long to get your hands on them, it’s worth every dollar. To start off, Scribd a mix of both new and old content will be put up, but Scribd is working towards constantly updating its service with the newest comics.

To enhance your experience, Scribd is also introducing a new feature within issues called the “binge button”. What this does, is enable you to advance to the next volume in a series without the need for you to manually search for it.  

At launch, about 20 per cent of Marvel’s entire catalogue will be made available – including classics like the Avengers, the X-Men, Daredevil, and Spider-Man – so the only thing left for us to seal the deal is the availability of DC’s comics. Now, we hope that happens soon.

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[Source and image: io9