Luke Cage is coming

Comic hero Luke Cage ended up being one of the highlights of the excellent first season of Marvel and Netflix's Jessica Jones, and now he's getting his own series in just a couple months.

Mike Colter reprises his role as the ultra-strong, nearly-impenetrable New York Hero, and the Wu-Tang Clan-assisted trailer here does a nice job of setting up Cage's own starring turn. Mark your calendars now: the full first season drops on 30 September.

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And Iron Fist is next

Netflix and Marvel aren't stopping there, either: sometime after Luke Cage, the dynamic media duo will debut Iron Fist, another series in the same cinematic universe.

Iron Fist is a martial arts master who can call on a mystical power, which sounds a bit less grounded than the other Netflix/Marvel series. Still, he's shared the page with Luke Cage a lot in the comics, and the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe certainly has its larger-than-life elements. Iron Fist is set to debut in 2017.

The Defenders, too

Of course, anyone who has been following the development of these series knows that it's all adding up to The Defenders, a crossover series that will bring together Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron First for an Avengers-esque superhero squad.

This teaser doesn't really show anything, unfortunately, but it does set the stage for the merging of these heroes' individual storylines, not to mention the collective threat that they face. The Defenders won't air until next year, and if we had to guess based on all the separate series in the works, we'd guess later in the year.

Also, Daredevil season 3

Not enough Marvel/Netflix news for you? Here's another exciting tidbit: Daredevil has been officially renewed for a third season of ultra-sensory beatdowns, following this spring's explosive second season.

For now, the teaser simply says that it's "coming soon," but next spring seems a likely target. Jessica Jones was already renewed for its second season, which could land in the same kind of timeframe, plus there's a standalone series based on The Punisher in the works. Luckily, we're not tired of any of this (yet).