Cobblestone makes your speaker systems wireless for cheap

Now maybe you won't need to pay through your nose for a Sonos

Imagine a piece of stone that plays audio for you wirelessly. The Cobblestone (yes, it is really is called that) has risen and made a name for itself in Kickstarter. Why? Simply because you can make your sound system wireless with Wi-Fi and it will only cost you US$55, that’s why.

It doesn’t look like much, just like a regular smooth stone that you pick up from your garden, aside from the 3 visible audio buttons on the top of the device and a WPS key for connecting to your router at the back of it. There is also a port for a power cable, Ethernet connection and a 3.5mm jack output which is how it collect sounds from the airwaves and sends it directly to your preferred audio outlet.

The solution provided is similar to Sonos, where you can control the device via an Android or iOS app and the ability to run several devices together therefore making a net of audio, wirelessly. The difference is that Sonos will set you back at least US$200 per piece, and with the price of Cobblestone, you could buy four.

There is a downside though, as Cobblestone is only an administrator of wireless audio, not the full package like other multi room speaker solutions. So this is more suitable for those who already have stereo systems set up throughout their house and just want to make them wireless, not for a freshie looking for a startup stereo system.

The creator, Muzoh, has yet to secure a whole lot of streaming stations yet as the product is a Kickstarter startup. For now they only have Pandora and TuneIn on board and expects Spotify, Songza, Google Play to get on the bandwagon soon enough. Aside from that, Airplay and DLNA is supported so you have that going for you which is nice so you can play music from just about any app that outputs music aside from its dedicated Muzo wireless app.

Find out more at the Muzoh website and order one, no, maybe four for yourself.

[source : Digital Trends]