CleverPet is a gaming console that will level up Fido’s intelligence

Just make sure he doesn't get addicted
CleverPet is a gaming console that will level up Fido’s intelligence

My dog is already smart enough. She doesn’t need this

Woah, we’re not insinuating anything here, protective pet-rent. Do you have a job?

Yes, of course. A 9 to 5 just like anyone else

Exactly, so it’s inevitable that Princess is left alone at home for a few hours every day. What do you think she does all day aside from sleep, pace, and bark at people who dare venture within two steps of your front door?

Should she be doing something else?

Wouldn’t you be bored cooped up at home? She can’t exactly turn on the telly, you know. An occupied dog equals a happy dog, plus, a food reward system can't hurt too. And we have the perfect solution. Or rather, CleverPet does.

CleverPet is a gaming console that will level up Fido’s intelligence

Explains why I come home to chewed-up shoes. Tell me more

We knew you’d see the light. CleverPet is a Wi-Fi connected device that sits on the floor of your home and three touch pads that light up. When your pooch paws or noses the pad, she’s rewarded with a treat that swivels out grandly.

That doesn’t sound like it needs much brain work

Hold on. It might start out simple like rewarding Princess once a pad is touched, but when lighting comes into play, it’s a whole different ballgame.

Once she has mastered touching the lighted pad, it could advance to getting her to touch the pads only when they’re lit a certain colour, or touching the right pad in your voice commands through the speaker. But not to the point where she can start unlocking the main door on her own, so don't worry.

You can choose to create new interactions via the app or website, or simply let CleverPet do its own thing.

Where can I get one? Should be cheaper than replacing all my shoes

The CleverPet is currently doing its rounds on Kickstarter, and is going for US$160 (RM520) if you pledge your loyalty to the cause early. Just watch out for your dog refusing walks in favour of staying home to play with CleverPet once you get it. 

Or when she gets sick of it, you could always replace the dog treats with jellybeans and make yourself feel better after a particularly deflating day at work.

Source: Kickstarter