Clean installs of Windows 10 are go

The caveat is that you need to finish the upgrade first

As we all know, Microsoft announced before that Windows 10 will be free for one year for Windows 7 and 8 users from its July 29th launch. What will happen then if anyone needs to reinstall the OS?

Microsoft’s Gabe Aul confirmed on twitter that once a user has upgraded to the latest OS, said user can clean install the Windows 10 at any time, even after the one year trial has ended. Windows will not require users to revert to Windows 7 or 8 then upgrade to  10, it is too much a hassle and defeats the purpose of an upgrade anyways. Clean installs from ISOs are also possible, according to Aul.

With this cleared up, at least it'll make people a little less hesitant to make the leap to Windows 10. Windows 7 users might be the hardest to convince after the spectacular failure that was Windows 8. Let's just hope that Microsoft's promises for the OS are kept and we won't have to hear more "We hate Windows" stories.

(source : Arstechnica)