Clean up the aftermath of an alien attack with Viscera Cleanup Detail

Take on the role of a poor, luckless janitor tasked with scrubbing the decks of a space station in this first person cleaner. You didn't think those splattered brains and pools of blood were going to scrub themselves up, did you?
Viscera Cleanup Detail

We've lost count of how many virtual enemies we've sprayed with bullets.

From aliens and zombies to Nazis and robots, all have felt our wrath. And all have left a big mess of blood and guts after falling to our mighty 1337 skills. But have you ever wondered what pour soul has to clear up all that mess? Clearly not us. We're heroes, you see.

Enter Viscera Cleanup Detail, the craziest game we've seen since the robot vacuum simulator. Currently an alpha build, you play a janitor who wields an arsenal of mops and buckets to wage war on the blood, guts and bullet casings leftover from bloody battles.

Time to take out the trash

You don't get to see any of that. All that matters is the aftermath, and you're the unsung hero who gets to clean it all up. It's tediously realistic too. You have to regularly dip your mop in water (otherwise you'll just be spreading the blood around) and each bullet and chunk of flesh must be picked up and disposed of one at a time.

Check out the video above and marvel at the fact that this exists. 

[RuneStorm via Time Tech]