Chuck Norris takes the split to the stratosphere

The man shows Jean-Claude Van Damme how it’s done by taking it to the next level, way up in the atmosphere

Remember that Volvo ad with Jean-Claude Van Damme hovering serenely in a split between two trucks? Now forget that. Because there is a Chuck Norris version.

Titled Greetings from Chuck (The epic Christmas split), the video opens with Chuck Norris looking zenly into the camera as it pans out slowly to the same song used in the original. His hair is ruffled by the wind, but strangely, his hat remains secure on his head. And then as the camera pans further out, you see why - It’s being held down by the candelabra of skydivers that he’s balancing on his head, while two aircrafts draw his legs out into a split before the way-too-short video ends with a festive greeting.

Unfortunately, the video was done in CGI by Hungarian animation company Delov Digital as a holiday greeting. Because every Christmas needs a little Chuck Norris to be epic, obviously.

Words aren't enough, watch the video below.

Source: Sploid