Chromecast 2, Chromecast Audio now on Lazada

The new devices are currently Lazada exclusives

Been meaning to get a Chromecast for your TV? The good news is that the latest Chromecast 2 is now officially available, along with the Chromecast Audio.

The Chromecast 2 sees a new design, in the shape of a dongle with a flexible USB cable as opposed to the stick design of the first Chromecast. This will make it especially handy for TVs mounted really close to the wall.

As for the Chromecast Audio, it plugs into your speakers, allowing you to stream music via WiFi into your chosen speakers. This means you can easily play Spotify tunes from your phone onto your speakers, without needing dedicated WiFi or Bluetooth speakers.

Both the devices are priced at RM199, but the Chromecast 2 also comes with a free year's subscription to iFlix.

To purchase, head on over to the dedicated Lazada page for the devices.

[Source: Amanz]