Chrome found to be least secure, Firefox's users laziest updaters

This could mean a paradigm shift in choosing a web browser

Chrome racked up the most security vulnerabilities, a report claims, making it 2014's least secure browser.

According to the Secunia Vulnerability Review, Chrome had 504 reported vulnerabilities in comparison to Internet Explorer's 289 and Firefox's 171.

Firefox users, please update

Where unupdated browsers were concerned, it seems Firefox had the most un-patched users. The theory is that it could be because secondary browsers are often unused, thus un-updated.

Besides browsers, the report also looked at vulnerabilities relating to 3,780 applications from 500 vendors, seeing an increase of vulnerabilities of about 55 per cent since 2009.

It was noted that while 32 per cent of Adobe Reader users did not patch their software, more than half of Foxit PDF users did not apply patches. Yet Foxit produced only two vulnerabilities compared to Adobe's 43.

The take-home here seems to be - be more vigilant about patching and updating your software, especially software you use on a regular basis like your browser.

[Source: The Register]