Chosen is all your American Idol fantasies come true

You get to choose between contesting or judging those contesting

Ever watched The Voice or American Idol and fantasised that you are either performing on stage being judged or sitting down, judging the performance? Well now Silicon Valley startup hace developed a new mobile app suitably named Chosen that allows you to karaoke, lip sync or judge and rewards you with real prizes if you win. And to top it all off, if you do well enough, the company may recruit you.

Currently the app is still in its beta testing phase, but you can sign up as either a performer or a judge. As a judge, you pick winners by watching 15 second clips of singers and performers on the other hand, upload existing or new videos of their performance on to the app. Both the performers and singers will earn points based on the ratings of other users in order to climb up the leader boards.

The app is currently only available on iOS and can only support iPhone 5 or higher, together with a registered Facebook account. The app is reported to be available for the public sometime this spring.

The interface of the app is sleek and features audio and video editing tools for performers. Remember we mentioned there are real prizes to be given out to the winners? Well, the winners, both the judges and performers will each receive an all-expense paid trip to this summer’s Bonnaroo Music Festival at Nashville, Tennessee. The performer will even get to display their talents on stage. This will attract both talented musicians and entertaining judges.

[Source: Digitaltrends]