Choose your own adventure with AdVINEture

Former Twitter producer creates a series that lets users hop from video-to-video in their own little quests
Vine embraces 'Choose Your Own Adventure' stories

Apart from really annoying, banal 6-second videos, Vine can sometimes be real fun. Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Former Twitter video producer Ian Padgham has created the first "AdVINEture" series which melds those books into the Vine format.

With the format, you star in your own adventure by jumping from video to video. As the user takes one path, 32 different steps open up which makes the story interesting and yet simple enough for you to retry to get different endings.

Of course there won't be dice-rolling in this game and the scenarios differ a lot from classic Choose Your Own Adventure books. But the premise looks fairly entertaining.

Different paths to fun

Padgham says that the format is not so much about reaching the end, it's about finding the ridiculous ways things go wrong and everything that could happen.

He told Mashable that after sketching different storylines in a notebook, he took just two days to create the actual Vine videos. Padgham said the hardest part of the AdVINEture was collecting the different account names to link each stage.

Each video has a short paragraph with bolded links. These links are the choices you can make in every step, each link taking you to a different video or outcome.

Besides the original AdVINEtures, Padgham has also created a Star Wars branded Vine series in conjunction with Star Wars Day.

Feel like playing the game but too lazy to reach for your smartphone? Then you can play it online at this link.

Interesting tidbit: the Choose Your Own Adventure series has more than 260 million books in print, in 40 different languages.

[Source: Mashable]