Chevy cars will be fitted with tiny air conditioned vent for your hot smartphone

Don't let the sun fry your phone

Summer is here, and it is hot everywhere. If your phone overheats you can't throw it in to a pool and give it a cold drink, all you can do is hold it up at the air conditioner or the fan blowing at you, looking like an idiot.

Too cool for school

Good thing that just Chevy announced that their future cars will be installed with a personal air conditioner for your device. It's a little tray that sits below the dashboard and has a tiny vent that blows cold air onto your smartphone and this is to keep your phone cold as it improves battery life and phone performance.

The vent is connected to the car's air conditioning and ventilation system and Chevrolet states that this addition is an industry first. Active Phone Cooling will be available in the 2016 Impala, Malibu, Volt and Cruze models that have wireless charging. This feature is very convenient for drivers who utilise their smartphones to play music and take calls on the road as you can charge and keep your phone cool. Only phones that have wireless charging can support this feature but for those that dont you can purchase a special dongle or back plate that does.

[source : CNET]