Cher Wang takes the reins at HTC as its new CEO

Former CEO Peter Chou is still sticking around in a role to lead future product innovation

At the next HTC event, you’ll see a familiar face - Cher Wang. Except, she will be on stage as the new CEO of the Taiwanese company.

Just earlier, HTC issued a statement, announcing that Peter Chou will be transitioning to a new role to lead future product innovation at the company.

The announcement isn’t surprising, given that Wang, as the current chairman, has already been heavily involved in the overview of the business over the last two years. This in turn allowed Chou to focus his efforts on the development of HTC’s design-focused One series smartphones.

Both the HTC One and One (M8) have been receiving rave reviews, a testament to the design work that has been put forth by Chou over the last two years. Yet, the reality is that the flagship devices haven’t managed to gain traction from a market that’s obsessed with all the grand marketing schemes of Apple and Samsung.

This year’s Mobile World Congress, however, saw HTC taking a few well-calculated moves to prove that it’s still on top of the game. “We are seeing rapid changes in the industry, with the smartphone as our personal hub connecting us to a growing world of smart devices. We pioneered the smartphone industry; now we are applying that thinking to realize the potential of a new generation of connected products and services,” said Wang in a statement issued to the press today.

While the One M9 stuck with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy for its design, HTC’s virtual reality headset Vive, made in collaboration with Valve, signals the potential of viable content for the VR segment. “The overwhelming response that our virtual reality product, HTC Vive, received earlier this month underlines the importance of these new connected technologies for our future,” added Wang.

Meanwhile, Chou’s new role as Head of HTC Future Development Lab will likely mean one thing - more innovation and surprises from HTC.