Check your telco’s YouTube video quality with the YouTube Video Checkup

Malaysia the first country to rollout new Youtube tool before anyone else

You know that tak syok feeling when your funny YouTube video starts buffering at the punchline? Perhaps you wondered if (insert telco here) has better YouTube video quality on your daily commute to work, while you sit on the train watching SD video.

Then you'll need Youtube's new Video Checkup tool to ensure you're watching the best quality videos on YouTube smoothly. And we Malaysians are the first in the world to use it.

How do you use it, you ask? When your YouTube video hits the dreaded buffering circle, a banner will prompt you to check video quality coverage at

The Video Checkup is a simple website with three tabs:

  • Compare lists all the telco operators in your current position (or selected area), with a rating representing the video quality you should be expecting. Currently four stars is the highest possible rating, anything higher is reserved for 4K quality and above. Only Maxis, Celcom, DiGi and UMobile are on the Video Checkup.
  • Explore shows a heat map, with darker areas denoting better video quality experience. This data is derived from 35 days data of YouTube users. Missing areas doesn’t mean there’s no coverage, but not enough people to get an accurate reading. You can still watch YouTube when you balik kampung.
  • Learn explains each star ratings and how YouTube calculated those magical numbers.


Still, why Malaysia of all countries? Well, YouTube Video Checkup Tool Program Manager Surbhi Kaul was quick to mention that two thirds of Malaysians watch YouTube off their mobile devices using their mobile data plans, and the trend growing by 84% in 2016. Plus, this is a novel way for our telcos to better improve their internet infrastructure in the country.

While users won’t be able to provide feedback at launch, the tool is a great indicator to find out which is the best telco in your area to follow a Let’s Play video series or watch the latest music videos while at work.