CES 2015: LG’s HomeChat will be chattier with Nest thermostats and cars

Speaking to your home with the LG G Watch R doesn’t sound so silly now
CES 2015: LG’s HomeChat will become more chatty with Nest thermostats and cars

We called it - the Internet of Things is going to be big. Apparently, LG thinks so too.

LG Chief Technology Officer Dr. Skott Ahn kicked off the press conference with the company’s plans for IOT. Specifically, what its existing HomeChat system can do for you.

HomeChat, which was unveiled last year, introduced a communication platform for LG’s smartphones to communicate with its home appliances. Think controlling the fridge and laundry with your smartphones.

Turns out, LG has more up its sleeve with HomeChat, and the key to that is wearable tech. The three existing metrics - sleeping habits, heart rate measurement and movement tracking - will become the pillars for LG’s platform that’ll analyse user’s health, which will talk to the connected homes of the future.

Which isn’t that far, since it’s already in talks with Google-owned Nest to make HomeChat compatible with Nest products. The potential behind this? That LG G Watch R might do more than tell you the time and notifications - it’ll speak to your thermostats, choose the best temperature and even light up the house once you’re nearly home.

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CES 2015: LG’s HomeChat will become more chatty with Nest thermostats and cars

IOT is more than just connected homes - LG is also eyeing the automotive industry to evolve its HomeChat platform. The company is actively developing Vehicle to Everything (V2X) technologies, and likewise, HomeChat will be the protocol through which it’ll connect smart devices together.

The big picture for LG is its partnership with AllSeen Alliance and being heavily onvolved in oneM2M, a global standard for IOT that connects devices seamlessly through the cloud. This essentially means LG’s webOS TVs, Android smartphones, Android Wear smartwatches and all forms of devices will have a single platform to communicate.

The long story short? You might be able to remotely start the microwave oven and have a hot meal ready by the time you’re home. It’s a concept, but at least it’s making the 2015 from Back to the Future more real than before.

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