CES 2015: LG reveals the Active Bending Phone with wraparound screen

It’s a 6in smartphone that echoes – and betters – the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge’s curved screen
CES 2015: LG reveals the Active Bending Phone with wraparound screen

Think the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, with its wraparound screen, is advanced? Then LG has something it’d like to you see: its Active Bending Phone.

In actual fact, LG wouldn’t like you to see it, because it’s been showing it off behind closed doors at CES 2015. But cheeky Korean site inews24 – or their source – apparently snapped a photo of the Active Bending Phone, which offers a curved wraparound screen similar to the Galaxy Note Edge’s.

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Bend it like Samsung

But LG’s prototype actually one-ups Samsung’s product, because its 6in AMOLED screen curves around both the left and right sides of the phone. Samsung’s only wraps around the right side. That means the Active Bending Phone offers two side-view screens to the Galaxy Note Edge’s one.

That said, it doesn’t match the Samsung device’s 2560 x 1440 resolution (the LG device offers a mere 720p resolution) and it’s just a prototype, whereas Samsung’s phone is already on sale – and there are rumours of Samsung bolstering its curved screen line-up with a left-and-right curved screen Galaxy S6 Edge variant in the near future too.

[Source: inews24 via Pocket-lint]

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