CES 2015: This armchair is a gym in your living room

Exercise will only take you sofa – now you can tone up without standing up
CES 2015: This armchair is a gym in your living room

This armchair may look like it belongs in Blofeld's boudoir (or the bridge of the Enterprise-D), but it's actually an exercise machine for your living room.

Tao Wellness reckons we're all sitting about too much, playing video games and lounging through marathon Netflix sessions.

The Tao Chair in all its glory
This display shows calories burned

The Tao Chair aims to change all that – the idea is to get you working out while you're sitting down, using the same isometric principles as Tao's Wellshell exercise device.

Plonk your behind in the leather-upholstered chair and you can push and pull on its specially-designed arms to work your core muscles, while a display on the right arm shows you how many calories you're burning with your efforts.

The chair syncs up with your smartphone or tablet over Bluetooth; you can use Tao's app to monitor your progress or play isometrically-controlled games as you exercise.

This armchair has Bluetooth
Your intrepid Stuff correspondent tries out a few exercises
It'll take more than that to work off the Christmas turkey

Stuff went hands-on (bum-on?) with the Tao Chair at CES 2015 and tried out a selection of Tao's recommended exercises; pushing and pulling on the chair's rigid arms certainly puts a strain on your muscles, and it takes a fair bit of effort to get the calorie counter ticking away. We're not sure if the extremely reclined seating position would be comfortable for, say, a TV viewing session if you aren't exercising – but with this chair, you'll want to burn off the fat while you watch Burn Notice.

Tao's keen to stress that this is an early prototype; it's hoping to have the Tao Chair on sale by the holiday season, though it's keeping pricing under wraps for the time being. Tao tells Stuff that it's currently looking to team up with furniture companies to produce the design, so hopefully we'll be seeing the Tao Chair in shops before too long.

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