Centr captures 360-degree HD panorama photos, and it fits in your pocket

Or, you can hook it around your thumb and take a 360-degree shot anywhere
Centr captures 360-degree HD panorama photos, and it fits in your pocket

If you’ve fancied getting a GoPro, there’s another camera aiming for your wallet but offers up a 360-degree HD experience. Think high-resolution panoramic photos from a device that looks nothing like a standard camera, created by a team of former Apple employees.

The Centr is a camera that looks more like a standalone lens than anything, though Mashable compares it to a UFO. What’s great is that it sits right in the palm of your hand, weighs a mere 250g and you could tuck it into a pocket of your regular DSLR bag or even your pocket.

The ultimate selfie-taker?

Besides how cool it looks, it captures video at 60fps, supports up to 4K video resolution and 20MP time-lapse panoramic photos.

For the ‘stitching’ or combination of pictures that happens when you do panoramic photos, the Centr relies on four separate HD sensors. Perfect for the ultimate 360-degree selfie, perhaps?

You can either hold it via the centre ring or fix it to a tripod, giving it a degree of flexibility usually reserved for cameras like the GoPro.

It has only 8GB internal flash storage but you can expand that with a microSD card. Battery life? Its makers says that it can last for two hours of continuous video shooting and six hours of standby time.

Other nice features on the camera: Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi and one USB 3.0 connector. You can also preview your video and control the camera with an iOS and Android app.

You can’t buy one off the shelf yet, the Centr team is going the crowdfunding route with Kickstarter. The goal is a lofty US$900,000 but with 25 more days to go, nearly US$300,000 has been pledged.

How much do you have to pay for a Centr? Currently it’s US$299 (RM977) for Kickstarter backers, US$399 (RM1301) for non-backers.

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