Celcom's PortaWiFi 2.0 offers 21GB data for RM85 monthly this Merdeka

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Celcom has a dongle that can provide internet connection for up to 10 devices and it’s called PortaWiFi. This Merdeka, Celcom is rolling out a new PortaWifi 2.0 device with a new and improved data plan.

The plan allows users to enjoy more data than its predecessor and also at a lower monthly commitment for RM85/month. The plan gives you 21GB of data but it is split into 7GB for all day use and 14GB for use between low peak hours which are 2AM to 8AM. You are allowed to carry forward unused data up to 7GB for all day use.

There is a 4G and a 3G version of the PortaWiFi but who wants 3G when you can get 4G, but it isn’t just that, because the dongle for the 4G version is offered free if you sign a 12 months contract. Of course during sign up you will need to pay for registration and activation which is RM50 each and if you are taking the 4G PortaWiFi, you will also need to pay RM220 as an advance payment which will be rebated back to you at RM22/month across 10 months into your bill. So in total, all you need is RM320 and you are ready to sign up and pick up this baby.

If you are a heavy data user, this plan is definitely for you and it allows you to carry your data for 10 wherever you go.  The dongle no longer needs to plug into a power socket as it has its own batteries, definitely an upgrade from the previous PortaWiFi.

[source : Soyacincau]