Celcom's not-so-subtle jab at U Mobile

Celcom's not holding back in its attempt to push its new plans

Celcom decided to slightly push the envelope with its latest Facebook ad, comparing its network speeds to rival U Mobile.


Celcom is likely capitalising on issues faced by U Mobile.The latter offers some of the better data rates in the business, but that's led to occasional congestion.

So the ad where it hints that it offers much faster speeds than its rival might make sense, though a few Celcom customers were not impressed.

Some choice comments include:"Erm. How about inconsistent internet speeds despite paying you every month.""Well Celcom, if you've ever heard of this tale, slow and steady win the race. At least they don't run out of data.""Thank god I switched to Umobile from Celcom."

You have to admit Celcom was brave to make such a pointed jab at its competitor but whether that was the best approach to promoting what it labelled as "plans so perfect they're all you need." Decide for yourself if Celcom's plans are worth the snarky ad by checking them out here.

[Source: Celcom]