Celcom's new prepaid Xpax Turbo brings back Burung Hantu internet

Free surfing in the wee hours, but only up to 10GB

Celcom is set to launch a new prepaid plan 1 Sept, namely the Celcom Xpax Turbo.

Internet for the night owls

Celcom's Internet Burung Hantu scheme basically lets users surf for free from 1am to 7am. Where previously Celcom offered unlimited data, this new plan is capped at 10GB per month.

Along with the new Burung Hantu feature, the Xpax Turbo prepaid plan will also have new Turbo Internet Plans. Where once Celcom had separate weekdays and weekend quotas, users now get a general quota besides separate data allocation for Facebook and YouTube.

Unchanged is the unlimited premium subscription of the Yonder Music streaming service.

How does one get started with the new plans? Well first you pony up RM10 for an Xpax Turbo starter pack which will give you 200MB of high-speed data, 500MB basic internet as well as that nice 10GB night owl quota. As for talk and text time, it has RM6 loaded with a 7-day validity period.

To sum up, it looks as though the plan is focusing on offering data hungry users more, faster Internet. Of course it's a bonus for people who prefer to surf in the wee hours of the morning.

So far, that's what is known about the plans. There's no details on carrying over unused quota for instance but we bet there'll be more information once the official launch happens on 1 Sept.

[Source: Lowyat]