Celcom's First Gold promo now on till May 31

RM80 for unlimited calls, texts and 10GB of data

Still on the fence about switching over to Celcom’s new First Gold plan? Well, the telco is giving you another two months to think it over. Its special offer for the plan was supposed to end last month but now you have until May 31 to signup.

The Celcom First Gold plan is, on paper, rather good value. For RM80 monthly, you get 10GB of data, never mind that the data is split into two: 5GB of that is only usable on weekends, split up evenly into 1.25GB each weekend. You can carryover whatever unused data as well and there’s also the 5GB of free Celcom WiFiPlus to enjoy, if you can find hotspots using it that is.

Did we also mention it has unlimited calls and texts as well as a 12-month free trial of its Yonder Music service? And to make it even better, there’s no contract commitment. Tired of Celcom? Well, just port out if you wish.

Celcom’s current subscribers can apply for a change of plan and not just newcomers to Celcom. It’s likely the telco is taking advantage of the current PR disaster Maxis is facing with many of its customers threatening to leave.

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[Source: Lowyat]