Celcom Xpax now offers EasyPhone installment plan

Celcom tied up with AEON Credit to offer an easy way to own smartphones

Celcom's offered its EasyPhone hire purchase scheme to its postpaid customers previously but now has made it available with prepaid plans.

24-month contracts

The process is fairly straightforward: apply online, then within a few days you'll get a notice within three days whether you're approved. Once approved, you'll be tied to a 24-month contract.

You will be charged interest of course, since essentially you're buying the phone on a hire purchase basis and while it removes the need for collateral or a guarantor, you will likely need to have a decent credit rating to be approved.

There's an impressive range of phones on offer though, from the latest iPhones to Samsung, Oppo, and Huawei phones with one Xiaomi phone (the Redmi Note 4) also an option.

Since you're stuck paying the amount for two years with an additional interest fee on top of it, it might only make sense for the more expensive models as the cheaper models would likely be cheaper to just buy outright.

Check out the phones on offer on the official Xpax EasyPhone page.

[Source: Celcom]