Celcom says sorry for network outage with cute cat

UPDATE 14/6/2017: When in doubt, counter with cute - not a terrible PR strategy, perhaps?

Celcom users have been facing outages from this morning, a service interruption that has also affected services reliant on Celcom's network - including RedOne, TuneTalk and Webe.

UPDATE 14/6/2017: Celcom did put up a public response explaining the cause of the morning's outage, with a Web graphic that incorporated text and a cat in a cute hard hat.

Apparently a network upgrade ("We were working hard...to enhance our data capability") had Celcom encountering "serious engineering challenges".

As of press time, Celcom's networks and reliant services are working as intended. While some Celcom customers were not amused by the outage and Celcom not being quicker at informing its customers, the less irate ones got some free entertainment.




Celcom users have been complaining since early morning via various social media channels. So far the general complaint is that calls cannot be made and data services unusable.

There have been various SMSes circulating, claiming to be from Celcom support - advising users to manually switch to 2G or 3G networks.

Celcom however has not sent out official notices via Facebook or Twitter since the outages occured (approximately around 6.45am this morning)


As there is no ETA as to when the situation will be resolved, you might need to rely on WiFi to make calls via WhatsApp or other VOIP-enabled messaging software. We'll update when we get official news on fixes or an official statement from Celcom on the outage.


[Source: Lowyat.net, Twitter]