Celcom revises First plans - keeps pricing, halves carry-forward data

While the monthly fee is still affordable, you can't carry as much unused data forward

Celcom was previously rather aggressive in promoting its First plans, especially with the attractive monthly rates and generous data allowances. Now it seems to have extended the promotions by maintaining the rates but downgrading the amount of data subscribers are allowed to carry forward.

The cheapest plan, the First Blue, maintains its RM45 monthly with 2GB data for weekdays and 2GB for weekends, but the maximum data you can carry forward to the next month is now 1GB, instead of 2GB. Data topups via its MAX UP feature can be purchased for RM20 for 1GB. A bit on the steep side but you can carry forward RM10 of that to the next month. The plan also gives you 50min of calls and 50 free SMS.

As for the First Gold, it is still RM80 for 5GB (weekdays) and 5GB (weekends) with unlimited calls but no free SMS, you pay RM0.20 for each SMS. Carry-forward data is now capped at 2.5GB from 5GB previously but Celcom now gives users unlimited WeChat and WhatsApp usage.

With First Platinum, you pay RM150 for 9GB+9GB, with unlimited calls and texts, but a revised 4.5GB carry-forward, from the previous 9GB cap. Like the First Gold, WeChat and WhatsApp usage is free.

Celcom has also tweaked its supplementary lines, giving 1GB+1GB data allocations for RM30 a month, with a maximum of RM500MB that can be carried over. Also included is 50 minutes of calls and 50 free SMS. Only supplementary lines linked to First Gold and First Platinum users will be entitled to free WeChat and WhatsApp usage, however.

For more information, just head on over to the Celcom First pages.

[Source: Soyacincau]