Celcom offers iPhone SE with its First postpaid plans

Celcom customers can choose to get device with First Blue, Gold and Platinum plans

Celcom is offering quite a few options for people wanting the iPhone SE, with different contract lengths and pricing depending on which Celcom postpaid plan you opt for.

The telco has three postpaid options under its First branding, namely Blue, Gold and Platinum. 

For the Blue plan, the device prices are RM1,665(16GB) and RM2,090(64GB) with a monthly commitment of RM45 as well as an advance payment of RM45, with a 12-month contract. The next plan up, being the Gold, lets you pick up the phone for RM1,548(16GB) and RM1,968(64GB) also on a 12 month contract. Monthly you'd need to commit to RM80 a month, with RM150 upfront, rebated over 10 months.

The Platinum plan offers either a 6 month contract or a 24 month contract, with the phone being priced at RM1,665 (16GB) and RM2,090 (64GB) if you choose the shorter plan. If you sign up for 24 months, then the devices will only cost RM578 (16GB) and RM998 (64GB). But for the 6-month plan you would only need to pay RM150 upfront while the 24-month plan needs you to pay RM1,100 upfront, rebated over 10 months.

You can head over to Celcom's iPhone SE page to compare plans and decide whether you want to join the Apple camp with them.

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