Celcom announces premium First Platinum plan

If you're willing to pay a little more, Celcom's offering priority customer service

Not content with merely extending the promotion for its First Gold plan, Celcom is now angling for the customer tier willing to pay a little more for better service and more perks. Its Celcom First Platinum isn't cheap by any means but offers enough perks to make it an option for people used to spending a bomb on their monthly mobile phone bills.

What does the Platinum plan offer? There's 9GB of Internet and another 9GB reserved just for weekend use - basically 2.25GB divided up between Saturday and Sunday. There's unlimited calls and SMS, as well as the ability to just carry forward your unused data. There's also 12 months of iflix free as well as free chat but only on its Zipit Chat app. 9GB of free WiFiPlus is also thrown in.

Other perks include access to priority customer service, access to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport Golden Lounge as well as privileges via its Club First program, which ffers rewards, rebates and the like.

Data topups are slightly pricey though, as Celcom is charging RM50 to top up 250 minutes, 250 SMS and 1GB of data as well as 1GB of WiFi. Data-only topups start at RM3 for 100MB all the way up to 5GB for RM50.

This is most likely targetted to customers who likely rely on their phone for work, specifically those in business or corporate sectors that are likely to run up high bills anyhow. It's a little bit of an overkill for most though so we'll see if this is a means for Celcom to persuade Maxis' premium-paying customers over.

[Source: Celcom]