Celcom adds Priv to First plans

You'll get a discount off the RRP but still need to cough up upfront payment

Ah, BlackBerry keeps defying the odds and is still alive with its Priv its likely final stab at being relevant again. Celcom has added the device to its First Gold and First Blue offerings, giving subscribers a modest discount on the device's hefty RM3,559 price.

For the First Gold plan that is RM100 per month, it's RM2,508 for the phone and RM450 upfront payment. While in the case of the First Blue plan (RM45 a month) it's RM2,768 for the Priv and RM250 upfront. Both come with 24 month contracts.

You can't order it online though; you'll still have to go to the nearest Celcom Blue Cube outlet to purchase the plan and phone.

More details can be found on Celcom's website.

[Source: Celcom via Lowyat]