is a legit site that gives you up to 20% off PC games

Not just any PC games, even the latest titles such as StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void gets the price cut

When you’re itching to get that new game, don’t be too hasty and hit the buy button on the game’s website. Instead, check the prices at first.

Lower that raised eyebrow, we’ve called and checked, it’s a legit site run by Singapore company Digital Plus. And after a chat with its chief marketing officer Andrew Li, we’re quite sure the offers you see here are pretty sweet.

For one, Li mentioned that the offered games are the latest AAA titles, which also includes the just-released StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The former is priced approximately S$44.80 after conversion from US dollars (which is the currency used by the site to bill customers), a significant drop from the estimated S$55.72 you pay if you were to purchase this from Blizzard’s website.

Not all games enjoy the same discount though, and Li confirms that the prices fluctuate based on the currency rate of the day. For example, the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront is priced around S$69.58, which is really no different from the S$69.90 you’ll pay if you pre-order the game now.

Still, if you were to spot a good deal, the purchase is also very straightforward. Payment is done via PayPal and once the transaction is completed, will send a CD key (obviously) to your registered e-mail. This CD key works on whichever platform you choose to redeem, be it from Valve’s Steam game library or EA’s Origin game portal.

Li also adds that if a customer can find any game that they’re selling cheaper elsewhere, regardless if it’s at a retail or online shop, they will refund the difference upon proof of purchase. Exceptions, however, will include massive sale seasons such as Steam’s Christmas or end-of-year sale which could reduce prices by as much as 80%. Which is really fair since it’s almost impossible to match such ridiculous discounts.

Given that it operates solely on the digital front, anyone can purchase a game via CDKeyPlus, regardless of your location. However, Li says it’s planning to expand the digital store’s presence to Malaysia by the end of this year and other Asian countries next year, mainly to give customers a better idea of how the prices compare to official retailers in their country.