Catch up to Supergirl on HyppTV and The Flash on iFlix

Get caught up on Supergirl before the show moves over to CW

With both Supergirl and The Flash having wrapped up their seasons in the last couple of weeks, you can now catch up on the shows...depending on which streaming services you've subscribed to.

Supergirl just wrapped up its first season and will be moving from CBS to CW, where the other DC superhero shows The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are. The good news is that Supergirl just got an order for a lot more episodes and crossover potential will mean an exciting lineup when the shows return. Telekom Malaysia's HyppTV is the only service that has the full season of Supergirl, unfortunately.

If you're on iFlix instead, you can catch up to The Flash, starting June 2 when Season 2 will arrive on the service. The show ended with quite the cliffhanger, one that Flash fans had probably seen coming for a long time if they read the comics. We're not spoiling it for you but if you know how the DC's Flashpoint story arc went, then Season 3 might just go there.