Casio launches ultimate narcissist-cams

Selfie-lovers rejoice, seems like the perfect camera for you has landed on our shores.

Lightweight and sporting a range of features that would make any selfie-lover squee in glee, CASIO's new EXILIM digital cameras, the EX-TR15 and EX-TR10 are built for the primary purpose of taking pictures of, well, yourself.

Make every shot a portrait

Looking more like a flip phone than an actual camera, the new EXILIMS are equipped with a 270-degree rotating display that also doubles as a handle and a stand for taking self-portraits.

A camera for the ones who love themselves

It's pretty obvious who these cameras are targeted at when they have features like Skin Brightening Mode and Make-up Mode. The two modes are there for the express purpose of making you look "better" sans any plastic surgery.

There are other features to enhance your "selfies" including Decorative Functions like paint, stamps, and frames, Sparkling Shots, and Art Shots. There's even a remote app that works with the WiFi enabled EX-TR15.

EX-TR15 comes in black, white and vivid pink and EX-TR10 comes in white, blue, and special pink. The EX-TR15 retails for RM2,599, while the EX-TR10 retails for RM2,099. Question is, is the self-love aspect good enough to entice people away from more robust models like Fujifilm's retro Wi-Fi camera?