Carousell Rights Owners Programme (CROP) Is Here To Tackle Unauthorised Goods On The Platform

Protecting the rights of sellers and users

Reselling is a common issue on all selling platform, with some resellers not being authorised to do so. As such, to protect the rights of brands and users Carousell has announced the launch of the Carousell Rights Owners Programme (CROP), which is a platform that tackles listings of unauthorised goods in collaboration with brand partners. CROP provides assurance to both brands, whose rights are more closely protected, and users, who can deal with greater confidence in the marketplace platform. 

CROP enables trusted brand partners to directly remove listings of brand replicas from Carousell with zero processing time, thus tightening the content moderation process by drastically reducing the time required for takedowns. Carousell’s existing unauthorised goods policy prohibits the sale of replicas and the creation of any content that violates any intellectual property rights. 

However, prior to CROP there was a longer process from the flagging of an item to the actual takedown, as its URL had to be first submitted to Carousell’s brand protection team for processing. To ensure swift action, Carousell is looking to further streamline and automate CROP’s processes in the near future.

CROP was first piloted in December 2018, and so far the initiative has since taken down 13,000 listings in the nine months since its introduction. Only select brand partners, whose activities will be closely monitored by Carousell, will have access to CROP and its content moderation capabilities. Brands who have come onboard CROP include Nike, Grab and luxury group company Kering, which owns brands such as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta. 

Besides CROP, Carousell has also invested resources in Sift Science (a third party service provider) and manual moderation teams to help combat unauthorised goods on the platform.