This car from Toyota will power up your home

Forget a generator, this car has enough juice to power your house for a week

This Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle from Toyota was first shown at the Tokyo Motor show and now they’ve released even more details about it at CES 2014.

Shaped like a futuristic-looking Prius, the car can literally power up a home. You read that right. Toyota says that when fully fueled, the car will be able to power up a home for as long as a week, but that's as soon as the Toyota engineers can come up with an adapter that’ll plug the car into a home’s electrical grid.

It comes with some pretty decent power, 100 kilowatts of it in fact, which roughly translates to about 134 horsepower. It’s pretty nippy as well, going from zero-to-hundred km/h in about 10 seconds. And if you think for a second that this Toyota model has a short range, think again. It can go up to 450km, which is the typical range of your normal, less environmentally friendly but oh so good to drive petrol cars.

There’s no details on the price for now but Toyota says that it should hit the US market by next year and they’ve even managed to slash the price down by using an electric powertrain it already uses on one of its hybrid vehicles and other common parts.

Source: LA Times