Capcom releases official 'Street Fighter' documentary on YouTube for free

More than 25 years of shoryuken, how time flies

Capcom has released its documentary "I Am Street Fighter" on YouTube, originally an exclusive to the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collection.

Arcade nostalgia

This 72-minute film takes you way back to the game's beginnings. Gamers may feel suddenly nostalgic for the days when they would attempt to beat each other up in the arcade, though maybe not the annoying constantly-filling-slots-with-tokens moments.

You'll get to hear from both the games' directors as well as players of the original Street Fighter. Names of note: famous professional players Justin Wong and Daigo Umehara as well as features series producer Yoshinori Ono along with former Capcom community manager Seth Killian.

So go on, take the trip down memory lane if Ryu and Ken were important parts of your childhood.

[Source:The Verge]