Can't wait for the new Star Wars film? Pass time with these iOS trading cards

Just remember not to spend all your money on them, save some for the movie ticket

The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film is due this year and it will either be a great success or a big disappointment, or perhaps both to different people, who knows.

In the meantime, to cash in on fan interest there's apps like this one: the Star Wars Card Trader. Trading cards have the plus points of their appeal to the supercollector fans and the bean counters excited about how much money people spend on trading cards.

A new pack every day

To further entice you down the Topps trading card rabbit hole, the app gives you a free pack every day. The joy and evil of trading card packs is the excitement of opening them. Will you get a super-good rare? Or will you just be adding to your mountain pile of Jar-Jar Binks cards?

Of course you can't expect your wallet to come out unscathed unless you're super disciplined. Buying 50,000 credits in the game will set you back US$10 and that's the minimum you're allowed to get away with.

One of the plus point is that if you like collecting and trading cards but don't like the hassle of storing them then why not enjoy collecting digital ones instead? Only thing is though whether those digital cards will exist as long as you do and unlike physical cards, you can't hand them on to your kids or put them up for auction.

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