Canon's new Legria Mini is a one-man video studio in a box

Why settle with ordinary webcams for your Youtube videos when you can go Full HD with this?

Are you into video-logging (or commonly known as vlogs)? We bet your main tool for vlogging is your laptop/desktop and your webcam. What if you want to be mobile? Try the Legria Mini video camera on for size.

Record with ease

This camera brings together Canon’s expertise in video in a smaller and easier to manage form factor. Bring this around wherever you go, and record your vlog or even web-based shows anywhere – hands free.

Put it anywhere stable, prop the screen open and record away – the wide angle lens makes sure everybody is in frame. The 12 megapixel sensor helps, too.

Worried about audio quality? This comes with stereo mics, for better sound recordings.

Be the next youtube star

We see the potential for this for wannabe YouTube sensations: set up your band, put the Legria Mini on a flat surface, press record and play. Who knows you may be the next Justin Bieber (shudders) or Zee Avi (yay!).

After you record your show, upload it to your PC for editing – or if you are a bit braver, straight to Youtube/Vimeo using the built-in WiFi connectivity. The Legria Mini will be retailing for RM 999 from September onwards in Malaysia.