Canonical's second Ubuntu phone is another Linux phone you still don't know you want

Second Ubuntu phone has slightly better features, but are they enough?

Linux phones haven't exactly been setting the mobile world on fire but the makers of Ubuntu, Canonical, aren't giving up yet. The next Ubuntu Linux phone is going to be the Aquaris E5 HD and is set to drop in the middle of this month.

It's being built by Spanish manufacturer BQ and promises to be an upgrade over the first Ubuntu phone, the Aquaris E4.5. The E5 will have a 5-inch IPS HD display, 720 x 1280 resolution and runs on the MediaTek 1.3Hz quad-core processor. It'll also have 16GB of intenral storage and a semi-decent camera - 13MP in back, 5MP in front. There'll also be a dual-SIM slot but the phone is lacking LTE support.

The phone can only be purchased in the EU from BQ's website for €199.90. Not sure if that's attractive enough for a phone that hasn't quite proved itself yet.

Will it succeed? That will probably depend on two things: apps and price. If Ubuntu can get those things right, maybe Linux smartphones just might have a chance after all.