Canon PowerShot N100 takes a selfie and a front shot at the same time

New compact’s rear-facing Story Camera will capture your mood while you’re taking photos or videos
Canon PowerShot N100

With its new PowerShot N100, Canon is taking its cues from the world of smartphones. The compact point-and-shoot features a rear-facing “Story Camera” that captures snaps of the user while they’re taking pictures using the regular front-facing lens.

This idea may horrify you (it does us a little bit – we don’t want to know what godawful expressions we’re making while our mind is preoccupied with taking a good photo), but Canon’s reasoning does makes some sense: the idea is to tell the ‘whole story’ of a photo or video clip by keeping a record of the photographer’s emotions at the time (there’s an assumption there, of course, that the shutterbug in question will be showing some emotions and not simply staring blank-faced at the screen…).

Highlights package

Canon PowerShot N100

These images and videos can automatically be gathered together using the Story Highlights mode, which edits them all – normal photos and expression shots – into a shareable video album.

Spec-wise, the Canon PowerShot N100 features a 12.1MP main sensor, 5x optical zoom, touchscreen, NFC and Wi-Fi. Canon says it will go on sale in May 2014, priced at around £350 (RM1886).