Canon Plans for 8K-capable EOS R Camera Confirmed

Along with an entry-level version

Canon has confirmed that a camera capable of shooting 8K in their roadmap for the EOS R series, their line of full frame mirrorless cameras. In an exclusive interview with Image Resource, top product planning executive Yoshiyuki Mizoguchi said “an 8K video-capable camera is already in our EOS R-series roadmap.”

These comments are significant because Canon was relatively late to the 4K game - only releasing 4K-capable DSLRs in the 5D Mark IV and 1DX Mark II in 2016, and their first 4K-capable mirrorless camera in 2018 with the Canon EOS M50. Although the first EOS R shoots 4K, it had similar additional 1.7 crop factor in the 5D Mark IV and EOS M50 at launch.

Regardless, the first EOS R from Canon sits comfortably in the middle of full frame mirrorless range - competing with the Sony A7III and Nikon Z 6. However, Canon has plans to make their stamp on levels above and below the mid-range for their future lineup.

“We are developing multiple EOS R cameras now, but due to varying levels of preferred features we are likely to launch an amateur model next to let a large group of customers step up and enjoy full-frame image quality. Have no doubt that a professional model is coming, but perhaps it may not be the next model we introduce.”

Of course, it is expected to see more models for the EOS R series, but now we can look forward to possibly an entry-level variant first then a professional level one later.