Browse hidden Netflix content with this secret code

It's as simple as the ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A code

So you've got Netflix up and running, only to realise that the content selection is very, very limited.

We've given you the workaround to accessing more Netflix content, regardless of region. But before you do that, how do you know what content is available (or not) in Netflix's full library? Netflix's category listing is extensive but it's also very touch-and-go, covering the most basic categories in the dropdown menu.

What they didn't tell you is that there's a way to see all the categories, even those that might not be listed, with a URL. Apparently, it's as easy as entering a sequence of numbers. Each category within Netflix is marked by a specific number, so for example, 1365 links to the Action & Adventure genre. Want a comedy? The full list can be accessed when you enter 6548.

So how do you tweak the Netflix URL? Remember this link: and type the category number instead of INSERTNUMBER in the URL.

Once that's done, you will see the full list under that genre. It's still dependent on the region you're in, but nothing a little VPN service won't resolve. Both for browsing through and streaming the content if it's unavailable in the part of the world you're residing.

But hey, what you are effectively doing now, is screwing the recommendation algorithm and really see for yourself what's out there.

How many categories are there? Pretty huge, and all of which have been collected on What's On Netflix. Have fun!

[Source: What's On Netflix]